Aaron Miles (35) -Never actually played in a game for the Reds, but was in camp with them. While a Cardinal, he hit the foul ball that shattered Juan Encarnacion's eye socket.


Mo Vaughn (44) -It's hard to imagine, but Mo stole 11 bases in 1995. By the time he got to the Mets, he tipped the scales at around 270 pounds.

Doug Rau (63) Remembered for his profanity-laced tirade at Tom Lasorda when Lasorda tried to remove him from a 1977 World Series game. Anyone who hates Lasorda is all right by me.

Stan Bahnsen (67) -Started a huge fight when he knocked down Vada Pinson (then with the Indians) with a pitch; Pinson came to the mound and cold-cocked Bahnsen with one punch. Later started another bench-clearing brawl against the Royals; ironically Pinson was a Royal at that time.

Eddie Robinson (90) -Of the eight "original" American League teams, Eddie played for seven of them and scouted for the eighth (Boston).