Josh Hall (30) -Started six times for the 2003 Reds at age 22, then hurt his arm and was never able to make it back to the majors. It seems like a million years since he pitched for the Reds, but he'd still be in his prime now...

Chris Jones (46) -Much traveled OF who started his career with the Reds in 1991. He was both an original Colorado Rockie and an original Arizona Diamondback.


Mike Flanagan -Attended the University of Massachusetts where he played freshman basketball and crossed paths with the young Julis Erving. He described the experience this way:

"I really didnít know much about Dr. J until I came down on a fast break and pulled up to take a jump shot. Dr. J was nowhere in the area but, out of nowhere, he blocked the shot and nine players were running the other way. First thing I thought? Better work on my slider, because this is a whole different level of play."

His oldest daughter was the first in-vitro fertilization child to be delivered without a Caesarean. A genuinely funny, likeable man whose life ended tragically.

Neil Chrisley (80) -Maybe the only player in major league history whose real name was Barbra.

Sammy Strang -Nicknamed the "Dixie Thrush", he led the AL in OBP in 1906 and later coached at Georgia Tech and West Point.