ESPN’s Jim Bowden apparently disagrees with Rosenthal about Wade Davis, as Davis is the starter the Reds acquire in Bowden’s ‘Five big trades that should happen.’ It’s insider-only content on, but here’s what it says:

Trade 4. Tampa Bay Rays and Cincinnati Reds
Rays acquire: 1B Yonder Alonso, C Yasmani Grandal
Reds acquire: RHP Wade Davis, OF B.J. Upton
The Rays have been searching for inexpensive long-term solutions at first base and catcher. They match up well with the Reds in this proposed four-player trade. The Rays would have Alonso to play first and Grandal to catch. Both players are Florida natives and should hit and be integral parts of the Rays’ future. The Reds could put Davis near the top of their rotation after Johnny Cueto while B.J. Upton would give them improvement in terms of speed, power and defense while balancing out their lineup with another right-handed bat. (He or Drew Stubbs would have to move to left field in this scenario, but that would be one awesome defensive outfield.) Of course, the Reds would have to make the deal contingent on signing Upton long-term. The Reds have Devin Mesoraco as their long-term catcher and Joey Votto as their long term first baseman, which allows them to make this deal. A win-win for both franchises.

Jim "THis is why I am no longer a GM" Bowden

My Take: Upton is a head case, underachiveing, high strikeout guy (sound familiar?). He has a horrid...Drew Stubbs like approach.

Wade Davis is a 500 era waiting to happen at GABP. "Near the top of the rotation!!"

Oh...and all we have to give up is 2 future All Star players.

What a joke.

Don't do anything Walt!

Fire Dusty, the damn pitching coach and the worthless hitting coach and get some leadership in the dugout!

Oh my is so obvious what this team needs.