Russell Branyan (36) -The Reds were the second team in his odyssey around the majors. He had one good year (including a three-HR game) followed by one bad one and then it was off to the next stop. Has a son named Cash, after Johnny Cash.

Tom Lawless (55) -The only player ever traded for Pete Rose, he's now a successful minor league manager.


Walt Williams (86) -Nicknamed "No-Neck"; any picture of him will tell you why. Listed at 5'6"; if he had a neck he'd have been 5'10".

Tony Taylor (76) -A classy guy who held the Phillies career record for games played at 2B until very recently.

Al Kaline (77) -Speaking of classy guys... Went directly from high school to the majors and never looked back. Very similar player to Clemente. Still active and an avid golfer, he had a hole in one a couple of years ago.

Rex Barney -Flamethrowing Dodger bonus baby with only a general idea of the location of home plate. Later the longtime beloved P.A. announcer for the Orioles.

Paul Krichell -Not much of a player, but possibly the greatest scout of all time. Signed Gehrig, Greenberg, Whitey Ford, Lazzeri, and so on and so on...