Paul Moskau (58) -Was a decent starting pitcher through 1980, then his career kind of fell off the table. Did he hurt his arm? I forget...

John Noriega -Tall righty from Utah who appeared briefly and not too effectively in 1969 and 1970. Died in 2001.


David Wright (29) -Already the Mets career leader in doubles. I'd love to have this guy on the Reds.

James Shields (30) -Mentioned once or twice on RZ this offseason. A first cousin of OF Aaron Rowand.

Oscar Gamble (62) -The posessor of baseball's most magnificent Afro, he had the last hit and last RBI at Philadelphia's old Connie Mack Stadium.

Gabby Hartnett -When he was playing in Chicago, there wa a picture published in the paper of him standing with Al Capone. When Commissioner Landis telegraphed him telling him not to have his picture taken with Capone, Hartnett replied "If Al Capone wants a picture with me, you tell him no...I'm not going to".

Branch Rickey -Next to maybe Ruth, the most influential figure in basball history. There are a million great quotes attributed to him; I like "Luck is the residue of design".