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I guess the fact that he has gone three years without finding one suggests he won't. Toss in the fact that because he hasn't done it to this point, the odds aren't good he remains a starter much longer and that coaches have him focus on just two pitches. As for being able to throw it over the plate, well that is much tougher. Especially when we are talking about a guy like Crabbe, who while he improved his control this year, isn't exactly a guy who pounds the strikezone.
So the coaches legitimately only let him throw two pitches in the game? If so, that sounds pretty dumb. How can it be so difficult to throw a third pitch when you throw the other two so well?

You look at his good numbers in a tough pitching league in a small sample size and you see promise. I guess if he truly can never learn a third pitch, he will never be a big league starter. I just don't see how that's possible to not be able to throw a third pitch when you can already throw two plus ones.