Non-Redszone League, playing against my brother-in-law, so I have to win.

5x5, 10-member league.

My team:

1B Edgar Martinez
1B/3B Travis Hafner
2B Brandon Phillips
2B/SS Frank Catalonotto
3B Mark Teixeiria
C AL Pierzynski
C Toby Hall
SS Nomar Garciaparra
OF Ken Griffey, Jr.
OF Vernon Wells
OF Moises Alou
OF Ryan Klesko
OF Manny Ramirez
OF Jay Gibbons
Bench Hank Blalock

SP Kerry Wood
SP Barry Zito
SP AJ Burnett
SP Joel Pineiro
SP Josh Beckett
SP Mark Burhle
SP CC Sabathia
RP Scott Williamson
RP Jose Mesa
RP Billy Koch
RP Mike Williams

Overall: I like Ramirez, Garciaparra, Klesko, and Junior offensively. The rest of them are extreme gambles. I also need SB, I think.

In terms of pitching, I focused on relievers, so that I could win points easily every day. Do I need another starter? Should I dump someone so that I can grab Jorge Julio?

I've been in a keeper league before and that obviously impacted my decisions toward the rookies. They have me extremely worried.

So, what should I do?