Jim Brower (39) -The Reds acquired him from the Giants for Ed Taubensee in 2001, and he pitched pretty well for them, all in all. Currently the pitching coach for Kane County.


Jack Wilson (34) -Given his career since then, it's hard to remember that this guy had 200 hits in 2004.

Jaret Wright (36) -Son of former pitcher Clyde Wright. As a rookie, he started Game 7 of the 1997 World Series for Cleveland. Pitching on three days rest, he left after six innings with a 2-1 lead, but the Tribe lost in extra innings. The next year, his shoulder began to send him distress signals.

Richie Sexson (37) -According to some sources, the tallest non-pitcher to appear in a major league game. A goal for Juan Duran???

Devon White (49) -The family name was spelled "Whyte", but the paperwork got messed up when the emigrated to the U.S. so it was easier to just go with "White". Devon's kids have reverted back to "Whyte". Devon had basically the same skill set as Drew Stubbs, just a little better at everything (not meant as a slam on Stubbs).