Sulbaran will be interesting to watch this year too. Classic example of a guy who started too high up the chain (they will not make the same mistake with Stephenson). With J.C., not so much a matter of not being ready physically, but not being ready in terms of maturity. Good kid, but came in with this island mentality in a grind-it-out game. Did not understand the importance of working in the bullpen between starts, doing your running, etc. (and he admits it now). He thought it was going to come too easy, and he really struggled with adversity in game situations and when you needed that competitive fire to come out to get out of a jam, it wasn't there.

He never pitched an inning of short-season ball. When he got to Dayton, he had already pitched on ESPN in the WBC, and he was loosy-goosy by nature anyway. He had two games in '09 when he couldn't get out of the first inning and just basically quit. But as hard as it was to watch, he needed that failure, I think. Good kid, came from a great family, just did not have any idea what he was getting into in terms of being a professional rather than pitching in tournaments.

Hopefully he can build on what he did in 2011.