Dave Sappelt (25) -His story has yet to be written.

Rick Greene (41) -His major league career consisted of 5.2 innings with the 1999 Reds.

Royce Clayton (42) -Will he get an Oscar nomination for his touching portrayal of Miguel Tejada in Moneyball???

Sonny Ruberto (66) -His major league career was very short, but as I recall he was with the Reds AAA farm team for a good while. The Corky Miller of his era.


David Cone (49) -Pitched his perfect game for the Yankees on Yogi Berra Day with Berra and Don Larsen watching. Holds an obscure record for most seasons between 20-win seasons.

Edgar Martinez (49) -Only five players have awards named after them; the award for best DH is named after Edgar. He is, by all accounts, a class act, and I'd be fine with him making it into the HOF.

Bill Madlock (61) -First player to win multiple batting titles with two different teams (I'm not sure I'm phrasing that clearly; what I mean is that he won more than one as a Cub and more than one as a Pirate). Hasn't gotten much HOF traction, possibly as a result of his reputation as being focused on his own stats rather than team goals.