Although there's not much talk about it, I'm appalled at how the defenses of the PAC 12 have performed in this Bowl season. Washington, Oregon and Stanford have shown us the worst D in recent Bowl memory. Should this affect how we eveluate players like Andrew Luck? I think Andrew Luck looks NFL ready but the expectations of him are going to be tremendous. Anything short of Peyton Manning and he'll be a disappointment. He has an excellent O-line and running game. The receivers he throws to are largely wide, wide open RBs, slot receivers and TEs. In the NFL he'll have to throw to tightly covered receivers and narrow lanes of vision.

I will say that the offense he's running looks very much like the Indy Colts'. The Colts will likely shop this pick but in the end, I think they'll keep it and draft him. I still want to hear him declare for the draft though.