Our first order of business is to update the 2012 draft order, which has changed since the last Ask BA with the free-agent signings of Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel, Aramis Ramirez and Josh Willingham:

First Round
1. Astros
2. Twins
3. Mariners
4. Orioles
5. Royals
6. Cubs
7. Padres
8. Pirates
9. Marlins
10. Rockies
11. Athletics
12. Mets
13. White Sox
14. Reds
15. Indians
16. Nationals
17. Blue Jays
18. Dodgers
19. Cardinals (from Angels for Albert Pujols, Type A)
20. Giants
21. Braves
22. Blue Jays (for failure to sign 2011 first-rounder Tyler Beede)
23. Cardinals
24. Red Sox
25. Rays
26. Diamondbacks
27. Tigers
28. Brewers
29. Rangers
30. Yankees
31. Red Sox (from Phillies for Jonathan Papelbon, Type A)
Supplemental First Round
32. Twins (for Michael Cuddyer, modified Type A, to Rockies)
33. Padres (for Heath Bell, modified Type A, to Marlins)
34. Athletics (for Josh Willingham, modified Type A, to Twins)
35. Mets (for Jose Reyes, Type A, to Marlins)
36. Cardinals (for Pujols)
37. Red Sox (for Papelbon)
38. Rangers (for C.J. Wilson, Type A, to Angels)
39. Astros (for Clint Barmes, Type B, to Pirates)
40. Twins (for Jason Kubel, Type B, to Diamondbacks)
41. Cubs (for Aramis Ramirez, Type B, to Brewers)
42. Padres (for Aaron Harang, Type B, to Dodgers)
43. Pirates (for Ryan Doumit, Type B, to Twins)
44. Rockies (for Mark Ellis, Type B, to Dodgers)
45. Atheltics (for David DeJesus, Type B, to Cubs)
46. White Sox (for Mark Buehrle, Type B, to Marlins)
47. Reds (for Ramon Hernandez, Type B, to Rockies)
48. Blue Jays (for Frank Francisco, Type B, to Mets)
49. Dodgers (for Rod Barajas, Type B, to Pirates)
50. Cardinals (for Octavio Dotel, Type B, to Tigers)
51. Blue Jays (for Jon Rauch, Type B, to Mets)
52. Blue Jays (for Jose Molina, Type B, to Rays)
Second-Round Changes
54. Athletics (for Willingham)
55. Padres (for failure to sign 2011 sandwich-rounder Brett Austin)
63. Padres (for Bell)
64. Mets (from Marlins for Reyes)
65. Twins (for Cuddyer)
75. Rangers (from Angels for Wilson)
Third-Round Changes
89. Yankees (for failure to sign 2011 second-rounder Sam Stafford)
Supplemental Third Round
118. Mariners (for failure to sign 2011 third-rounder Kevin Cron)
119. Marlins (for failure to sign 2011 third-rounder Connor Barron)
120. Rockies (for failure to sign 2011 third-rounder Peter O'Brien)
Remaining Compensation Free Agents
Brewers: Prince Fielder (A).
Cardinals: Edwin Jackson (B).
Cubs: Carlos Pena (B).
Phillies: Ryan Madson (A*), Raul Ibanez (B).
Pirates: Derrek Lee (B).
Rangers: Darren Oliver (B).
Red Sox: Dan Wheeler (B).
Reds: Francisco Cordero (B).
A* indicates modified Type A free agent.