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You've got posters all over this thread talking about drafting corner infielders and outfielders because of a perceived hole at the major league level. Always the back and forth between BPA and need....

I consider this to be a pretty important draft class for the Reds. The system looks to be sagging a little to me. The couple supplemental picks gives them an opportunity to get a little extra boost, though it's unfortunate that the talent in this crop isn't considered to be all that great.
Actually, I'm talking about drafting corner bats (especially corner OFs) because of an obvious gaping hole throughout the entire system. There is no one in the minors to step up now and (with the possible exception of Lutz and Waldrop), there is not going to be anyone to step up two or three years from now if they don't start investing some premium picks on decent OF bats with power potential.

I'm not under the delusion that drafting one bat now is going to insure a major league OF three years from now - there is a high failure rate. Which is why it mystifies me how this organization could go so many drafts without really addressing such a crucial area. Utility infielders have their place, but there isn't any excuse for not using at least one top 10 draft pick every season on a high-ceiling OF bat. Do that five years in a row and your chances of landing someone that sticks. What's the downside? You end up with one power-hitting OF and four strong trading chips?