A friend mine just told me he is meeting with a jeweler this weekend to get a ring for his girlfriend..... that he's known for less than 9 months. They're both 25 years old. They moved in together after knowing each other for 3 months. He gets this way with girls though, and falls wayyy too fast. He had a girlfriend for over 3 years that he walked in on with another man. Some of my friends went to high school with this girl, and they STRONGLY dislike this girl. I've never had a problem with her, but I barely know her.

This is one of, if not my closest friends. I'll absolutely be in the wedding. If I say something to him about him obviously rushing into this, it could forever damage our friendship, no? If I just ignore what I'm thinking, am I being a true friend? I'm in a real bind here, and I basically get the shoulder shrug from my other friends that I ask. No one else can believe how fast this is happening, but no one has a good answer for me.

And for the two people on this board that know me in person, you probably don't know this guy, but please don't mention anything about it to anyone. I'd like to keep this anonymous.