Danny Jackson (50) -In his great 1988 season he threw 15 complete games; only a few years later it's hard to imagine the Reds as a team having that many. Acquired with Ted Power for Kurt Stilwell and Angel Salazar in a pretty darn good deal for the Reds.


Ron Kittle (54) -A hometown boy from Gary who came out of the steel mills to become a fan favorite for the White Sox. Currently runs a business making furniture out of old bats, balls and bases.

Jim Gantner (59) -With Yount, Molitor and Cooper he was part of one of the greatest infields in history. Not as good as the BRM's of course...

Charlie Hough (64) -The last active player to be born in the 1940s. When he was 43 he was pitching for the White Sox to a batterymate, Carlton Fisk, who was also 43. Started the first game in Florida Marlin history.

Riggs Stephenson -Born too soon; he would have been even better as a DH. Suffered a shoulder injury playing college football that left him unable to throw well. Part of a Cub outfield, with Kiki Cuyler and Hack Wilson, in which all three drove in 100 runs; the only time that's happened. Career a bit too short for HOF consideration.

Benny Kauff -"The Ty Cobb of the Federal League", he had some nice years in the majors as well. A character; known among his teammates for his ability to smoke a cigar, chew tobacco, and drink a beer all at the same time. His alleged involvement in an auto theft ring led Judge Landis to ban him for life from baseball; the only player to be banned for reasons other than gambling.

Bill Dahlen and "Parisian Bob" Caruthers -If the Veteran's Committee all gets drunk one night and decides to induct a bunch of forgotten 19th-century stars into the Hall, these two would be a good place to start. I expect we're just about done with the old-timers, though; Bid McPhee just slipped in under the wire...