Either 2009 when they swept both Baltimore & Pittsburgh, or early 2010 when they beat Baltimore at home. I think those games are usually "big games" for the Bengals, even early in the season.

I think it was the Chiefs game late in 2009 that they needed to win in order to win the division & they won it. The Chiefs weren't contenders, but it was a "big game" for the Bengals.

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I'm having a hard time remembering the last time the Bengals won a big game. Like, any game where there was a week's worth of anticipation leading up to it. Maybe somebody can refresh my memory?

Marvin looked more scared than Dalton out there yesterday. I wanted Marvin gone years ago, but I suppose this organization is still scarred from the Pre-Marvin era that they'll settle for mediocrity over pure ineptitude.