Mike Cameron (39) -Still going at 39. One of Marty Brenneman's favorite people.

Brian Johnson (44) -Played high school basketball with Gary Payton, started at QB for Stanford, and came to the plate 127 times as a backup catcher for the 1999 Reds.

Gene Freese (78) -Came over from the White Sox and had his career year in 1961, just in time to help the Reds win the pennant.

Walker Cooper -Mostly a Cardinal, but on July 6, 1949 as a member of the Reds he drove in ten runs in a game- the only catcher ever to do so.


Jeff Francoeur (28) -Seems like he should be older...A devout Christian, he has "Joshua 1:9" written on his glove wrist strap.

Jeff Francis (31) -They say almost every player holds some kind of record if you dig deep enough. Jeff is the first Canadian to pitch in a World Series.

Bruce Sutter (59) -First player elected to the HOF without ever starting a game. You could argue that beginning in the late '70s he was the first player to be used the way closers are used nowadays.