Aaron Holbert (39) -A feel-good story. Played in one game for the 1996 Cards, then scuffled in the minors for almost a decade before the Reds brought him up in 2005, mostly for being a good organization guy.

Bill Bordley (52) -Not really a Red, but what the heck. Drafted by the Reds with the first pick in the 1978 draft, he refused to sign and returned to USC (He had some family issues at home in California, plus I guess Dick Wagner was snotty to him- imagine that). He ended up having a minor career as a pitcher, but after that it gets interesting; he joined the Secret Service, was part of the detail guarding President Clinton, and currently serves as major league baseball's director of security.


Stan Javier (48) -Son of former Card 2B Julian Javier and named for Julian's teammate Stan Musial. Hit the first home run in the history of interleague play.

Otis Nixon (53) -Little brother Donnell was supposed to be the better prospect, but Otis had the better career, despite fighting substance abuse issues. Blinding speed, almost no power (.314 career SLG). Also played for the U.S. national cricket team (!) Now a minister.

Ivan DeJesus (59) -Remembered for being traded for Ryne Sandberg, which wasn't his fault. Was actually the property of the Reds for 12 days in 1986; he never appeared in a game for them and I don't know the story behind it.

Ralph Terry (76) -Yankee pitcher who had some good years, but is remembered for serving up Mazeroski's memorable World Series homer in 1960. Later became a pro golfer and played on the PGA tour. How does one guy get to be a big league pitcher AND a pro golfer, and I'm stuck with this life? No fair...