Hi all! My name is Bill. I'm new to the forum, and I likely won't be around much until spring training draws near...but as a Brewer fan, I just wanted to extend my congratulations to you all upon the announcement that Barry Larkin is going to Cooperstown. I only saw him in person once, but I've always been an admirer. I had a feeling that he would go someday, but I must admit I am a bit surprised it only took three years. So many great players have had to wait so long...it's nice to see the voters got something right. He was a great player, and more importantly, he represented your organization with class. Like my three favorite baseball players, Roberto Clemente, Robin Yount, and Ryan Braun, he spent his entire career with one team, and quite frankly, like the others I mentioned,

I've found that the baseball season is more enjoyable when I can enter into some friendly discussions with fans of the other teams, so I hope to get to know all of you come the first signs of spring. You've got a great young team (I would give my left nut to get Joey Votto on my team, especially since Prince Fielder's departure is imminent), and I look forward to some great baseball in 2012.

Again, congrats for this well deserved honor, and I will talk to you all soon!