Vern Geishert (66) -Never appeared in a game for the Reds, but was a part of two key trades as a minor leaguer: he arrived in the deal that sent Alex Johnson and Chico Ruiz (sniff) to California for Jim McGlothlin, and he went to San Francisco along with Frank Duffy in the legendary George Foster deal.

Jim O'Toole (75) -A mainstay of the 1961 pennant winners. Started a game the day after he got married. He and his wife produced 11 children in the first 13 years of marriage, and he now has 34 grandchildren. Happy 75th, Jim...

Harry Wright -The first Red, and the first major league manager.


Rich Dotson (53) -Cincinnati kid who went 22-7 for the 1983 White Sox.

Willie McCovey (74) -The absolute scariest opposing hitter ever as far as I'm concerned. A classy guy too; I always rooted for him when he wasn't playing the Reds.

Chick Stahl -A good player who is remembered now mostly for committing suicide by drinking carbolic acid in 1907. The reason for his taking his own life remains unclear; he was a newlywed and had just been named player-manager of the Red Sox. He was known to suffer from bouts of extreme depression; beyond that, speculation ranges from an impending paternity suit to some confusion about his own sexual identity.