Lloyd McClendon (53) -Homered in five consecutive ABs in the Little League World Series. Came up to the Reds in 1987 and hung around for a couple of years before being traded for the immortal Rolando Roomes.

Dan Norman (57) -Never played in the majors for the Reds, but was a part of the swag that landed us Tom Seaver.


Rey Ordonez (41) -IN 1999 he had one of the greatest defensive seasons ever for a shortstop- only four errors all season. Couldn't hit a lick, though...

Don Mossi (83) -A good reliever for a number of American League teams, most notably the Indians where he and Ray Narleski formed an effective lefty-righty duo. Remembered today mostly for his...shall we say... "unusual" looks. Worth a Google search if you've never experienced the Mossi mystique.

Max Carey -From Terre Haute, Indiana, real name Maximillian Canarius. His 738 career steals still rank him in the top ten all-time; that total includes 33 steals of home.

Elmer Flick- In 1905 he led the AL with a .308 batting average; the lowest average for a batting champ until Yaz won one at .301. At one point Detroit offered a 21-year-old Ty Cobb to Cleveland for Flick, but was turned down.