Dontrelle Willis (30) -Gave the Reds 9 quality starts in 13 tries last year. First pitcher to have 20 wins and 20 base hits in the same season.

Reggie Taylor (35) -Played for the Reds in 2002-03. Very speedy guy, but you know the saying: you can't steal first base.


Ivan Nova (25) -Nova was actually selected in the 2008 Rule 5 draft by the Padres, but they returned him to the Yankees.

Casey Candaele -(51) -The "son" half of the only mother-son combination to play professional baseball. Spent one year with the Reds AAA Indianapolis club.

Randy Jones (62) -The only Cy Young award-winning starter to have a career losing record. In 1976 he was 16-3 at the All-Star break, a record no one since has matched.

Joe Hauser -Undistinguished big league career, but a feared minor-league slugger. First man to hit over 60 homers in a professional baseball season twice, and the only one to do it until McGwire and Sosa. Nicknamed "Unser Choe" by the German fans of the Minneapolis Millers.