On the Weber hit, its something I believe he should have gotten a game for. Kieth got 5 a few weeks ago for a retalitory elbow to Sedin, and I don't know that this hit was all that different. A late hit in a close game magnifies it even moreso in my estimation. He should be sitting tonight, but as we know, he's not.

That whole game had some questionable calls from the officials tbh.

Last night was a rough one for me. I was sure Toews coming out and scoring early would set a tone, but the Coyotes didn't back down and they just completely OWNED the second period. I'm still more than confident that Q will adjust and the Hawks will win one in the desert before coming home to get another pair of wins.

St Louis and San Jose was actually a very entertaining game. I thought the Blues would play Hitchcock style hockey and slow the game down to a grind, but it was not nearly that way. It was physical and tough, but a really well played game.