After the Pineda deal, my question for you is would you trade for Felix Hernandez?

Here are my parameters for you with the question.
Assumption 1) Mariners are open to the conversation with a target of winning again in 2014.
Assumption 2) Reds are going for it in 2012
Assumption 3) Reds have <5M in payroll left for 2012
Assumption 4) Felix makes 18.5, 19.5 and 20M over next 3 years.

So please answer, would you consider a) trading for Felix and b) what would you offer?

My answers, YES and Felix and 6M for Arroyo (12M), Hamilton (SS), Stephenson (SP), Rodriguez (OF), Phipps (OF), Garrett (P) and get Cast to go slightly overbudget to make it happen.