Does anybody out their think this guy would be worth a flyer? I think this guy could put up Greg Vaughn like numbers for a year and could give something like BA .275 HR 35 RBIS 110 especially in GABP and hitting fourth behind Votto. You look at the likes of the LF's we have had over the years Gomes, Dunn, Vaughn, I think you could do no worse with Carlos Lee for a year in left. I think he is adequate enough in left with his glove because he will post good enough numbers with his bat, maybe be a big enough difference that could mean ten more wins combined with our much improved rotation and revamped bullpen, Madsen will be the signing of the offseason. I really think he would be a good fit and with him batting behind Votto could be huge for not only votto but Jay Bruce that what he lacks on defense he will make up for with the protection he give this line up and the presence he would be in the club house. I have never heard anything negative about the guy and I hear Houston would eat most of his salary. So now the only question is what would it take to get him? I would not want to give up anything involving Heisey though! Maybe something like a Danny Dorn, Carlos Fisher, and a Kyle Lotzkar.