We have a LF, his name is Chris Heisey. The kid deserves a chance to prove he can be an everyday LF.. Last year he hit .271 vs RHP with 17 HR and 41 RBI, but he struggled a bit against LHP hitting only .191 with 1 HR and 9 RBI. Only had 61 AB's vs LHP, so that sample size is way to small to draw a conclusion that he cannot hit LHP. In the minors he hit LHP without a problem, so I have faith in Heisey to have a big time year.

Also I believe Todd Frazier can be more than servicable in LF, which according to many in the Reds organization LF is Frazier's best position. Frazier only had 25 AB's vs LHP last year in the bigs and I realize that is also a small sample size but he hit .360 with 1 HR and 4 RBI, so if need be I think a Heisey/Frazier platoon would be ideal, if Heisey cannot cut it as an everyday player. It would be cheaper and it would allow the Reds to pocket the remaining 8 M until the deadline or to put towards extensions. Also it would be wise for the Reds to use Frazier's versatility to play anywhere.

And on days that Stubbs needs a day off, you can slide Heisey to CF and use J Francisco in LF. The Reds said they need an OF that can hit RHP, and he hit .279 with 3 HR and 14 RBI last year vs RHP. Plus he has been raking in the Winter League, I expect a big year from Juan as well.

So basically I want the Reds to stay away from Ludwick, Ankiel, Ross, etc..
And roll with the combination of Heisey, Frazier and Francisco in LF. They will get the job done. NO need to waste money on retreads when they CLEARLY are not upgrades. I think Phipps can and will surprise people this year, he is a late bloomer who didn't start playing baseball till he was 18.