Matt Maloney (28) -Not great or anything, but I wish we still had him.

Ron Villone (42) -Had a long career in which he never played for more than two seasons with any team. Only Mike Morgan and Octavio Dotel have pitched for as many teams. I believe he pitched more innings for the Reds than anyone else.

Jim Owens (78) -Mostly a Phillie, but pitched for the Reds in 1963, during which he set a record by committing three balks in one inning. This record lasted for only a month, however, before Bob Shaw topped it with five. Later an Astro pitching coach.


Albert Pujols (32) -Here's some trivia for you: In his first game for Maple Woods Community College, Albert hit a home run and turned an unassisted triple play.

Jack McDowell (46) -AL Cy Young winner in 1993, during which he set about as obscure a record as you're likely to run across: 27 consecutive starts without a no-decision.

Steve Balboni (55) -Still holds the Royals franchise record for homers in a season.

Dizzy Dean - Too many stories about Ol' Diz to list here, although I will mention his invention of the word "slud" as a past tense for "slide".

Jimmy Collins -The Brooks Robinson of his era; a slick-fielding third baseman with a reputation as a nice guy. Sometimes considered the best 3B ever before Pie Traynor edged into that role.