Yeah, this should be an interesting matchup. One thing I've noticed, despite the fact IU's not necessarily all that deep, they seem to play better in games where a lot of fouls are called.

It seems like whatever IU loses to foul trouble ends up being less significant than what the opponent loses. Against Kentucky, getting Anthony Davis out of the game was huge. Against tOSU, getting Sullinger and Craft out for stretches was also big. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when Purdue had Carrol go out with foul trouble really early on Saturday, they had absolutely nobody to play defense inside. The early fouls also caught up to them when Byrd fouled out with about 5 minutes to go.

Obviously that can be a double edged sword. Zeller only played 20 minutes against Wisconsin, but that seemed to be a game where IU was called for a lot more fouls. In the three big wins I mentioned, the two teams were called for a similar number of fouls. (Admittedly in the Purdue game, PU was called for 26 fouls to IU's 17, but many of those came in last two minutes.)