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I dont think so. A new regime came in at IU. Knight wasnt doing what so many had grown accustomed to. First round losses didnt cut it anymore. Davis recruited most of those guys.........Bob shaped them. Once the "Knight Guys" were gone, Davis showed what he could do on his own.....which wasnt much on the coaching end.
This could of course be it's own discussion, but as someone who came into my IU fanhood during the mediocre late 90's and had no emotional connection to Bob Knight, I can say in hindsight that I believe he got what he had coming to him for a long time.

He was burnt out. He needed a break. And however long he was the coach at IU, he was going to see continually lower results.

I'd never argue that Mike Davis was a better coach than Bob Knight, but for that particular team, he was a better fit.

In all honesty it burns me up just talking about it 10 years after the fact that it's still a point of conversation that overshadows the tremendous story of this year's team.