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I understand your position (and loyalty!). Perhaps he just recruits bad apples? Like Jim Tressel. Of course watching over 15 guys can be as tough as watching over 100 or so. But I jest, WMR. I do not want to make this a us vs. them thing. I am pretty sure there are a lot people like myself that are suspicious of John. It could be bogus and that is a shame.
Is it loyalty to expect some evidence other than the twin fallacies of argument from ignorance (assuming a claim is true because it cannot be proven as false) and cum hoc ergo propter hoc (a faulty assumption that correlation between two variables implies that one causes the other, i.e., because both UMass and Memphis have had Final Fours taken away, Calipari must have cheated).

I like Cal, true. But I love proof, evidence, and logic.

And, so far, only one side of this "argument" has provided any. And, while making baseless claims might be a side effect of the internet world (and sports' sites specifically), I'd expect more from knowledgeable fans.