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I am beginning to think that Watford and Zeller will enter the NBA draft. Zeller if he is a top 10 pick and Watford depending on where he is going to go. This time of year you always have they guys entering the draft who shouldn't. The BIG landscape could really chanve if Watford, Zeller, Sullinger, Thomas, and Burke all decide to enter the draft.

I dont see Zellar going pro. Both his older brothers graduated from their prospective colleges, I think Cody will follow suit. Now Watford just might. But I think he has hung around this long, he just might want to get some fruits for his labor. The guy on IU that I think will go is Oladipo. I just base that on what is coming in. They have a point guard, a power forward, a center, and 2 swing men. I think that playing time is gonna be the concern on Victor's part. I see Yogi and Hanner getting lots of minutes if not starting.