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Bob Knight is doing the IU game tonight on ESPN. What do you IU fans think about that? Has he even been to an IU game since his departure?
He was in the building when they beat Pitt at Madison Square Garden a couple of years ago, but not announcing. He was just an analyst between games.

This is the first game he's "attending"

I'm probably a bit of a different fan experience because I grew up a UC fan and only switched to Indiana in 1996 when I started attending. So while most Hoosier fans I know have fond memories of 1987, 1992 or (pre Alan Henderson injury) 1993, my most vivid Knight memories are of him being grumpy, ineffective and grumpy about being ineffective.

With that as pre-text. I understand why he was mad at Indiana up through the Kelvin Sampson era. However, since Fred Glass took over as AD and especially since Crean has been hired, IU has bent over backwards to bring him back into the fold.

If he doesn't want to be associated with the program now, that's too bad but it's on him. Even if he now wants to be associated with the program, then he's quite honestly just a bandwagon fan who didn't want to be associated with the team when it was committed to doing things the "right way" and going 6-25, but is happy to jump on board now that they're ranked #1.