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To Boston Red's point, i do think the B1G's toughness this year has been overstated a bit.

The top 5 are obviously legit. Then there's a drop off to Illinois and Minnesota. The latter of whom is playing there way on the NCAA bubble. And then the bottom drops out.

I don't know that there's been a time when the top 4 or 5 teams were any tougher than now. (And it's worth mentioning IU is currently 4-1 against UM, tOSU, Wisconsin, and tMSU)

But there have definitely been years where the middle and bottom of the B1G were much more robust.
Whoaa. Hang on there a tad. As of now the middle is looking pretty dang good. That would be teams 5-8 in the standings. 8 is Minnesota who are playing their way off the bubble. If anything Nebraska and Penn State are the bottom feeders.

Lest we not forget Illinois not only beat IU.......but they won at Gonzaga and beat Butler in Hawaii.

And what about Iowa?