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I hate the zone in general, think its a lazy defense and would only play it if my personnel left me no option to play man D. So few programs still even play zone other than to switch things up. But the Syracuse zone is different. And it was smothering last night. Having watched my team fall with a bad matchup come tourney time, I felt really bad for the Hoosiers last night.

Great season guys, hate to see it end that way.
The high school team I broadcast plays a system very similar to this zone defense. This year they were very successful and I saw a number of opponents look just like IU, completely unsure and hesitant when throwing passes. There were nights when it looked like it was a major accomplishment for a team to put up a terrible shot because that means they hadn't turned it over. Seeing IU with more turnovers than FGA for most of the first half made me think of Mt. Vernon.