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Yes I definitely think IU should get out of the business of offering scholarships to pre-freshmen.

The good news is they likely already have. When Lyles and Blackmon committed, it was actually pretty necessary in terms of momentum towards the rebuild. Remember they committed even before Zeller, Ferrell, Perea, etc...

Now Indiana's re-established themselves as a high level program, and they're not in the desperate position they were 3-4 years ago.

From everything I've heard(which isn't much) if Exum plays in college, it will likely be at IU, but it's hard to see him bothering to play in college at all. Especially for a kid who grew up in another country, I don't think playing college ball would have that much appeal.

IU (currently) has two open scholarships for 2014. I have no doubt they'll be taken by quality players, but I refuse to get too worked up over which players specifically.
I highly doubt we see Exum play college ball. A few months ago, he said he was 90/10 in favor of playing at a U.S. college. Recently, he's lowered that to 50/50. And now Chad Ford and co. are calling him a top three pick in next year's talented draft. The way this is trending, hard to imagine not heading directly to the NBA.

I've heard some scuttlebutt about him coming over in January. Apparently, he receives his high school diploma this winter and has considered the possibility of joining a program at that juncture. Not sure how that benefits any party involved, but it's been bandied about.