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What Pearl and Sampson have in common would make me hire neither. If they are good basketball coaches, let them go coach somewhere that recruiting is not as important as the coaching.
Oh, I'm not advocating hiring Pearl re-hiring Sampson at all. I'm simply acknowledging WMR's point that, given the resources/talent within close proximity, Pearl -- assuming he can keep his hand out of the cookie jar -- could very well return IU to annual National prominence -- not that I'm ready to kick Crean to the curb, as I believe that he can still accomplish that.

Sampson, who is currently an assistant with the Houston Rockets, was simply thrown into the conversation as a comparison to Pearl from the standpoint of actual coaching vs. compliance risk. After all, Sampson, for all of his faults, had few peers as a bench coach -- he was named National coach of the year at least once -- and nobody can take that away from him.