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The ability to cover ground. Dunn couldn't do it, and Alonso couldn't do it. Plus, Alonso was a trained first baseman.

Duran can run just fine. All redsof72 was saying was that he doesn't hustle all the time. He's 20 years old and pretty thin.

1B is a far more complex defensive position. If you disagree with that, you're just being obstinate, IMO.
I believe 1B is an easier position to play. Call me whatever names you want, but that is my belief. There are only three non-pitchers in the last 20 years that I can remember being close to as tall as Duran- Richie Sexson, Adam Dunn, and Corey Hart. Two of them were clearly 1B and the other one (Hart- who is quite fast) is reportedly going to see more and more time at 1B beginning this season. Players that tall are usually not all that mobile (Hart is the exception) and height is a big advantage at 1B (bigger target).

Mark my words, Duran's future (if he has one) will be at 1B. Maybe not this year or next, but eventually.