Keith Glauber (40) -Rule 5 pick form the Cardinals. For their 50 grand, the Reds got 7 innings in 1998 and 7 innings in 2000.


Wandy Rodriguez (33) -Played under the name Eny Cabreja until 2002, when he admitted his correct name and age.

Brady Anderson (48) -Only player to be hit by a pitch twice in one inning.

Mike Lieberthal (50) -When you start looking for the best catcher in Phillie history, Lieberthal has a surprisingly strong case; better hitter than Bob Boone and more consistent than Darren Daulton. If Mesoraco ends up having Lieberthal's career, I'd be not overjoyed, but OK with it.

Scott McGregor (58) -The trade in which the Orioles acquired McGregor, Tippy Martinez and Rick Dempsey from the Yankees for Rudy May and Dave Pagan might be the best Orioles trade ever (not involving Frank Robinson).

Curt Flood -Would have been 74 today. Fromer Red farmhand and pioneer of modern baseball.