Hello Reds Fans!

I'm doing a little fact-checking/research for a book I'm writing, and I need your help.

I have a character leaving Columbus on Saturday , October 20, 1990 for a cross-country trek to LA (for a job). As a parting gift, so to speak, she leaves as the game plays on the crap radio of her Uhaul truck.

My questions are:

1. What time was game 4 in Oakland? How long was it? Conditions: Rain, morming fog, clear night sky?
(BTW: The quake in San Francisco shook the series a year earlier, so returning to Oakland/Bay Area was a big deal.)

2. Approximately how far into the game was victory assured. (ie. When were the 2 runs scored, Oakland's 1.)

3. Bonus question : Who called the game for radio? Any chance it was Bob Costas?

Though this is just for a small transition section of an unpublished novel about a girl, I am grateful to anyone who can help with any or all of these questions. Still, feel free to add any reflections or color commentary (on the short side) about baseball that year, for example: World Series victory vs. P. Rose's shutout from the HOF.

Fans feel it. I want my readers to feel a bit of it, too.

Thank you SO much!