Bill Scherrer (54) -At 6'4", "Rags" was a fun pitcher to watch. He has three World Series rings with three different teams: with the 1984 Tigers as a pitcher, with the '97 Marlins as a scout, and with the '05 White Sox as an assistant to the GM.

Jesse Gonder (76) -Third-string catcher in the early 1960s. The Rule 5 draft must have been different back then: Jesse was drafted by the Pirates when he had almost 700 big-league ABs.


David Eckstein (37) -Seemingly retired, he worked in 2011 as an assistant to his wife Ashley, and actress who appeared in "Blue Collar Comedy" and as a voice actress on the "Clone Wars" animated show.

Ozzie Guillen (48) -Ozzie's three sons are named Ozzie Jr., Oney, and Ozney. With the cast of characters they've assembled, the Marlins should be a lot of fun to follow this season.

Camilo Pascual (78) -Pitched briefly for the Reds but the bulk of his career was as a high-strikeout, high-walk pitcher in Minnesota and Washington. Known as "Little Potato" because his older brother Carlos (who also pitched in the majors) was called "Potato". As a scout, he signed Jose Canseco and Cincy's own Miguel Cairo.

Earl Smith -Pretty much forgotten now, but a catcher with a career line of .303/.374/.432 ain't too bad. Old-school tough guy who once tried to fight Babe Ruth. Nicknamed "Oil" because of the way he pronounced his name.