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Yes. I can go on road trips in a TDI without worrying about where to plug in if I need to stay at a hotel. If I'm buying a car that has limits on how I use it compared to another car, it needs to come in at a lower price. In my mind, inconvenience plays a role in the cost as well.
I hate to quit restating this, but you wouldn't have to worry about that. The Volt runs on gas when the initial charge runs out. It is fully electric until then, then it becomes a hybrid. I'm starting to think this is the biggest problem with the Volt. They need a full on media blitz to get it through the thick-skulled American mind that it can be driven anywhere like any other car without fear of becoming stranded.

To your larger point, more people would indeed begin driving these things in mass when the price point in cost per mile driven drops below many traditional fueled economy models.