Ross Powell (44) -Pitched briefly for the Reds in '93, but the best thing he did for the franchise was get traded for Ed Taubensee.

Rob Dibble (48) -Reached 500 career strikeouts in the fewest number of innings ever. As a broadcaster, I appreciate his willingness to speak his mind but I'm not too crazy about what he actually says.


Scott Kazmir (28) -Pitched four consecutive no-hitters in high school, followed by a one-hitter. His career really fell off then table, didn't it? He went to the Dominican this winter to try another comeback. In his first start he gave up four earned runs in 1/3 of an inning.

Atlee Hammaker (54) -Atlee is his middle name; his firstname is "Charlton". Surrendered the first grand slam in All-Star history to Fred Lynn.

Ernie Oravetz -Played OF for the Senators in the mid-50s at 5'4" and 145 pounds. At one point the Senators had both Ernie and the 5'5" Albie Pearson in their system.

Johnny Dickshot -In addition to having a somewhat unfortunate name, Johnny proclaimed himself "the ugliest man in baseball" (this was before Don Mossi retired the crown). His grandson is John Ducey, a fairly well-known actor who's had recurring roles in "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and "Will & Grace" among other things.

Flint Rhem -A South Carolina country boy known less for his pitching than for his enthusiastic consumption of alcoholic beverages. A drinking buddy of Grover Cleveland Alexander, he once explained away an incident by saying "I figured Ol' Pete was more important to the club than me, so I figured I better drink as much of the bottle as I could so he couldn't get at it". He was sleeping one off in the bullpen one day when his teammates taped his eyelids shut and convinced him that he'd gone blind. But his most famous incident came in 1930, when he disappeared for a few days, then returned claiming he'd been kidnapped by two men who tied him up, took him to a roadhouse and forced strong drink down his throat.