I am thinking about buying a pinball machine for the house.

Does anyone own or have owned one? (or know someone that owns one)

I have seen a single player machine at an indoor flea market in town but that would defeat the purpose if I have company and 2 to 4 players want to play. I would probably opt for a multi-player model. Although with the single player machine, I guess you could play one person at time, write down the score and have the other person play.

The two older models I have seen, the price is reasonable ($350-$400). They both work. I saw online where those machines sell for around $2000 so they seem like a good investment and would not decline in value.

The other thing would be to find someone who could fix these if broken down.

Here is a picture of the single player machine I saw at the indoor flea market yesterday. (not the actual one)