Anderson Machado (31) -2004 was his Reds year, and sadly, as poor as it was it was the highlight of his career.

Dan Serafini (38) -Currently owns and operates the Throw Like A Pro Baseball Academy. There's some irony there considering his record...

Vern Ruhle -My favorite Reds pitching coach of recent years. Gone too soon.


Terrell Wade (39) -His real first name is Hawatha. 1996 was his big year; the rest was pretty meh. Played in the Reds minor league system in 2000.

Wally Bunker (67) - Went 19-5 with a 2.69 ERA as a 19-year-old rookie. Looked like he was going to be the next big thing, but his arm started to register its objections and it was all downhill. Currently he and his wife are artists-in-residence at the Palm Key Nature Gateway in South Carolina (they collaborate on children's books).

Ted Kazanski (78) -Phillie shortstop of the 1950s. On April 22, 1956, he hit an inside-the park grand slam and started a triple play on the same day. I believe Angel Pagan has also done this, but I could be wrong.