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I was completely okay with Janish at AAA before.

As for Cairo or Frazier covering short for one game here and there...here's what we dealt with for years, I don't see Frazier doing worse than these guys.

Felipe Lopez, Rich Aurilia, Juan Castro, Ray Olmedo, Royce Clayton, Enrique Cruz, Alex Gonzalez, Jeff Keppinger, Pedro Lopez, Jerry Hairston Jr., Danny Richar, Jolbert Cabrera, Adam Rosales, etc, etc, etc.

There are some pretty bad SS listed there.
Yeah, and it didn't work very well as a rule, which is why it's a better idea to have shortstops who can actually play shortstop.

I think Frazier or Cairo can hold their own. Especially considering we're only talking about the occasional PT there.
More PT than you'd think. Remember that we play in the double-switch league and it's most often the guys at the bottom of the order getting swapped out.

But personally, I'd rather let Phillips cover it for that odd game and then plug in Frazier/Cairo at 2nd where they're more comfortable.
Not me. It's the sort of thing that works in a video game better than in real life. Phillips is a cornerstone of the team. The 25th man complements the cornerstones, the cornerstones do not get jerked around for the sake of the 25th man. Especially to play a harder position that he last played on a regular basis seven years ago. Just a philosophical thing of mine, reasonable people can disagree.