Nice writeup on extension possibilities for Votto. I have been planning to do a look at which teams may be looking for a 1b in 2013 but have been too busy of late. This will have to do for now.

Securing free agent years from the first basemen above cost a minimum average annual value of $21MM. Cabrera and Howard were two years away from free agency when they signed their contracts and Gonzalez was one year away when he signed his, but they didn’t have to sign at a discount. Neither will Votto.

If the Reds wanted to lock the 2010 NL MVP up now, I expect it would cost at least seven additional years for $23MM or so per season. Adding a $161MM commitment to the $26.5MM on Votto’s current contract would keep Votto in Cincinnati through his age 36 season -- the same age through which Gonzalez, Fielder, Howard and Teixeira are under contract.