A little early, but my mornings are bespoke the next few days:


Jared Fernandez (40) -A Red in 2001-02. Was he the last Reds pitcher to rely on a knuckleball?

Manny Sarmiento (56) -I always liked Manny and thought the Reds undervalued him. He also had a very good singing voice.

Dale Murray (62) -One of the few, few Reds I ever rooted against because he was acquired at the cost of my favorite Red, Tony Perez.


Scott Erickson (44) -One of the top five pitchers of all time in ground ball/fly ball ratio. Married to TV personality Lisa Guerrero.

Pat Tabler (54) -From Cincinnati's McNicholas High. A terrific hitter with the bases loaded; career 43 for 88.

Red Schoendienst (84) -I can spell his name without looking it up, which I consider an accomplishment. Fought back from a serious eye injury and TB to have a HOF career. Still a part of the Cardinal organization.

Wes Ferrell -A great hitting pitcher, and not a bad pitching pitcher either. His brother Rick is in the HOF and Wes isn't. I would have taken Wes over Rick, but really neither one should be in.

George Halas -Had something to do with that game they play with the oblong ball, too....