Joe Black -Better known as one of the "Boys Of Summer", he was a Red in '55 and '56. After his playing career he taught junior high, worked for the Diamondbacks, and wrote a column for Ebony magazine.

Don Heffner -Had the thankless task of managing the Reds in the wake of the Robinson-for-Pappas trade. The team didn't perform well, and he was replaced in midseason by Dave Bristol. I remember reading somewhere that he was one of those guys who'd talk constantly about how things were better back in the day, until you just wanted to hit and hit and hit him with a shovel...


Felix Pie (27) -Looks like he should be a good player, but hasn't played like it as of yet. So far known mostly for his "twisted testicle" malady in 2008.

Aaron Cook (33) -Local boy. Surrendered only one homer in his entire high school career- to Kevin Youklis. They'll be reunited in Red Sox camp this spring.

Bob Oliver (69) -Father of pitcher Darren Oliver. Hit the first grand slam in Kansas City Royals history- off of Jim Bouton.

Fritz Peterson (70) -20-game winner for the Yankees, but best remembered for swapping wives with teammate Mike Kekich. Fritz and the former Mrs. Kekich are still married. After his career ended he became a blackjack dealer in Vegas.