Josh Judy (26) -Now that Carlos Fisher has been DFAd, Judy is probably the best candidate for the Louisville-to-Cincy-and-back shuttle that Carlos has been on for the last few years.

Dioner Navarro (28) -All a catcher really needs to do is have one good hitting year and he'll keep getting job opportunities. Dioner's was in 2008. I hope his acquisition doesn't mean we won't see Corky Miller with the big club. I expect we'll see one of them only if Meso either implodes or does so well that they flip Hanningan at the trade deadline.


Vladimir Guerrero (37) -Known for swinging at, and hitting, pretty much any pitch thrown in his general direction (Rex Hudler once said, "From the nose to the toes, Vlad goes"). Despite this, he's never struck out 100 times in a season.

John Kruk (51) -Retired with exactly 100 home runs and a career average of exactly .300. That's good planning, there...

Specs Toporcer -Generally considered to be the first big league position player to wear glasses. His chapter in The Glory Of Their Times is just plain wonderful.

Heinie Zimmerman -Hal Chase's buddy, and almost as creepy as Hal. Both of them were banned for life by Judge Landis just for emitting the stench of overall corruption. It has been suggested that Zimmerman attempted to throw the 1917 World Series, in which he hit .120.