It was the offseason that led to the formation of Redszone. I'm sure many who were around at that time remember Gallagher and "Whiffey is not your savior!"

Did it work out the way we had hoped? Thanks to injuries and ownership's failure to build a team around him, through little fault of his own, Junior and his relatively bargain priced contract were viewed by many fans as an albatross on the success of the team. Still we had the opportunity to watch a Hall of Fame player roam the outfield in Cincinnati, and one of the sweetest swings in the history of the sport. Looking back 12 years later, now that time has passed and we can judge the trade fairly, I'd like to say that the Reds won the trade, though in the world of expectations, I doubt neither the Reds organization nor the Mariners organization feel that they won. I do feel though, that we the fans of the Cincinnati Reds, won that trade made this day 12 seasons past, and I feel blessed to have had the chance to see Junior Griffey wear my team's uniform and play in my city.